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Comtron's Physician Revenue Cycle Management

More and more healthcare providers today realize the importance of a sound end-to-end solution that can manage their operations effectively through next generation business models. While Physician settings and Healthcare providers on their path to HIPAA Compliance realize the importance of becoming technologically adept towards MACRA compliance, cost reduction is a major concern.

We realize that healthcare settings require comprehensive process insight to achieve unparalleled targets in business efficiency and effective control over the care continuum. Medgen EHR suite of products was designed with this vision to empower patient centric healthcare providers with the technology ability they need to meet tough financial targets at affordable costs.

How Medgen Revenue Cycle Services Resolves Claim Filing Issues

Medgen approaches Revenue Management for your organization through insightful discovery of significant interactions and dependencies between diverse entities involved in Claims processing scenarios. Our solution is built with comprehensive capabilities that help elucidate key performance issues throughout your Billing system:

Secure, affordable system built to discern key issues in Revenue Cycle Management featuring results driven financial planning during the Claims process

100% people driven system with In-built capability to handle large Claim volume in fraction of the original time frame, ensuring marked reduction in processing time and leading to faster Claims processing cycle and workforce efficiency

Auto-Posting of Claims, driven by high performance modules built for performance in fast paced healthcare settings

Maximum control over Patient's claim data allowing customizable views and actions executable after thorough understanding of key pain points in revenue cycle analysis

CPT and ICD-10 integrated comprehensive reporting modules for identifying loopholes not just in the Claims process, but also from the management, maintenance and financial standpoints

Dedicated processes that specifically address issues related to Outstanding Claims and Denials helping health systems perform optimally



Why Choose Medgen's Revenue Cycle Management Services

Medgen Revenue Cycle Management offers broad spectrum financial cycle goal achievement by providing unrivaled Technology support, driven to deliver customer satisfaction for Physician Practices and Accountable Care Organizations:

More than ten years of extensive experience in Revenue Cycle Management addressing out-of-the box approaches to Medical Billing and Coding

Full integration of patient data across our MedgenEHR and Medgen RCM system featuring high level data integrity and virtually zero data duplication

Extremely simple, familiar, usable interface with customizability for never before user experience and Affordable, highly focused, people driven system available at only 60% of the usual cost

The Medgen Suite of Healthcare Technology solutions are designed for patient centered healthcare organizations targeting Affordable Care through their range of value added services. Medgen RCM technology design is a calculated process executed to help focused healthcare providers realize tough goals while delivering Quality Care at affordable Costs.

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Every member of our staff recognizes that the key to your satisfaction is working closely with you—making sure Comtron understands your unique requirements and going the extra mile to meet those expectations.