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Comtron's Practice Workflow Optimization with LEAN methodology

Comtron's deep industry knowledge coupled with application of time-tested LEAN methods of workflow enhancement can help your Healthcare Practice achieve a high degree of Agility. As regulatory enforcements target marked decline in the healthcare industry fragmentation, the pressure on medical practice settings is intense

Healthcare settings are constantly looking for non-conventional solutions that help them strike the right balance between achieving HIPAA Compliance and keeping themselves financially afloat even when processes need high level rethinking. Comtron's professional services is designed to address Provider concerns through a holistic approach involving LEAN training and implementation, Quality, process efficiency, financial gains and enhanced patient engagement.

Lean Optimization

Expert Teams

Comtron Professonal Services Help Deliver Astounding Results through Expert Teams
  • Ensure optimal resolution of your revenue concerns through tete-a-tete consulting with top experts in the healthcare field
  • Assume complete control over your Medical process cycles, empower your setting with cutting edge technology, address diverse patient perceptions of Quality and Boost referrals
  • Achieve considerable improvements in workflow and maximize scheduling efficiency through our LEAN based approach and unmatched technology support
  • Take full advantage of our Remote Support services and high level domain expertise to streamline your Accounting process
  • Stay tuned with latest updates in the healthcare industry through our monthly webinars

Comtron's Remote Practice/Laboratory Management Resolves Your Billing and Operations Concerns

Our core philosophy is to empower Physician Practices and Healthcare settings through systems that deliver immense value:

Complete process cycle insight for in-depth resolution of key areas in Practice/Laboratory Management and Billing, eliminating wasteful efforts and instability in the practice/laboratory settings through application of LEAN models.

Specialized, dedicated teams with in-depth process knowledge to address end-to-end Revenue Cycle Consulting services for practices and laboratories of any size.

Affordable services inclusive of provider and staff education for creating maximum leverage in the practice/laboratory process and measurable financial benefit

Workflow transformation towards a people centered approach for enhanced Communication, process Transparency and high Quality

In line with our core belief in empowering patient centered practices at affordable costs, we cater to major Practice Management concerns that help medical settings and healthcare providers become more productive and efficient, while ensuring regulatory compliance. Expert teams and unmatched industry expertise available through Comtron's Remote Practice Management will help you achieve all this and still reverse your cost curve to accomplish far beyond your financial bottom line.

Remote Practice Management

Quality. Service. Teamwork.

Every member of our staff recognizes that the key to your satisfaction is working closely with you—making sure Comtron understands your unique requirements and going the extra mile to meet those expectations.